Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Most Beautiful

Two weekends ago I went back to the mountains for a baby shower. On Sunday afternoon the weather was beautiful and I could not resist snagging Kim's mom Bendy for a good Sunday afternoon drive! We were in search of a place that I had previously been 'photohunting', but couldn't find the exact spot over again.. So this is the surprise shot I got in its place!

On the way home we stopped by Bendy's family cabin. I had never been inside before so she gave me a tour! It is as beautiful inside as it is outside! My favorite piece was the wood stove! Boy I would love to watch someone cook on that thing! Sunday's visit was the first time the light was bright enough for me to snag this shot! Thanks Bendy for a Wonderful weekend, and a fun Sunday afternoon drive!


ck said...

Hey, these look GREAT!! Mama is gonna love them!!

Julie Mixon said... stuff. Looks very peaceful...I think I need to go there :) I love the name Bendy too.

Emily said...